spark like empty lighters

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how does phone sex end?


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Chicken and Asparagus Pasta


Chicken and Asparagus Pasta

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Choosing Modern Family over OITNB is a particularly bitter pill to swallow, since it’s almost as if Emmy voters are saying they’re in favor of progress, as long as there isn’t too much progress at once. In 2009, Modern Family signified an undoubted achievement for diversity on television. But in 2014—when 19 states allow gay marriage, when people are swarming the streets of Ferguson in protest, when rape on college campuses has gotten so bad that the White House is involved—that achievement seems rather minor. Modern Family is somewhat progressive, but unlike Orange, it isn’t groundbreaking.
Opinion contributor Chris Osterndof, "The Emmys ignored everything you love about television" (via dailydot)

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I still believe in love, I just no longer believe in loving you.
Things I Never Got To Tell You, Part 24 (via venula)

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Banana Cream Pie | Martha Stewart


Banana Cream Pie | Martha Stewart

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